Further Equipment

Usefull devices to keep our stills running

Accessory set with pump for miniature tubes up to 20 liters
This set includes everything you need to be able to distil immediately and seriously with our stills up to about 20 liters. The pump is powerful enough to safely supply even all mini nestling in the 2 to 20 liter size (as they may be used legally in Austria and from 2018 Germany or Switzerland) with cooling water. First and foremost, the set contains a functionally-sized cooling system for the still, but there are also other accessories for cleaning and sealing. In addition, when purchasing a stainless steel still together with the accessory set the right hose fittings for our coolers are there.
The set includes a 10-liter plastic tub as a cooling water depot (the water must be replaced several times in larger distilleries), plus a 230-volt cooling water pump, plus several meters of food-grade tubing in four different sizes so you can safely connect any distillery. The hoses can be partially inserted into each other and can thus also bridge different connections and adapters. In addition, a cleaning brush, a swim thermometer, a roll of Teflon tape for sealing the still and a 100 ml graduated cylinder to the distillate safely collecting and measuring.

EUR 34,95
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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