Essential Oils

Distillate Essential Oils

Distillation apparatus for the production of essential oils, as well as spirits from hydrolates of steam distillation
The devices offered here may also be legally acquired in Germany by private individuals, without the permission of customs, if they are not used for the production or purification of alcohol. Up to 2 liters of socket size, these are then also registration-free. For larger boilers, you must register them with your main customs office within 3 working days and affirm on your affidavit that you are not using them to make or purify your alcohol.
Regardless of size, never use the equipment with alcohol, even with taxed alcohol.
If you still want to legally produce a fruit or herbal spirit, use your distillate for the steam distillation for the flavoring of alcohol. You are perfectly allowed to distil hydrolates and essential oils. Then mix the hydrolate with clear alcohol, which is as tasteless as possible (vodka, PrimaSprit). Since most of the essential oils are alcohol-soluble, you can use them, but only drop by drop. In general, you already have a highly aromatic distillate, so you best peel off the oil, and use only the hydrolate. Touch the mixing ratio to your taste. An excessive amount of hydrolates can also spoil the taste. We have e.g. created a very good spirit from the hydrolate of a steam distillation of the first 15 minutes from sage leaves. For our taste, a volume ratio of 2 parts of hydrosol, 3 parts of 96 vol .-% alcohol and 4 parts of distilled water was optimal. If you like it 40 vol .-% strength, mix 1 part of hydrolate with 2 parts of 96 vol .-% and 2 parts of distilled water. Also that was still very delicious, if we personally also the first mixture even better. By the way, you can also obtain 96% Primasprit, taxed. With a steam distillery and primasprit you can legally produce your favorite spirit. By the way, you discover - if not already done - your love for the scents of the essential oils.
In all other countries you have to take into account the laws of your own country. Inform yourself about what is permitted or not.


Accessory set with pump for miniature tubes up to 20 liters
This set includes everything you need to be able to distil immediately and seriously with our stills up to about 20 liters. The pump is powerful enough to safely supply even all mini nestling in the 2 to 20 liter size (as they may be used legally in Austria and from 2018 Germany or Switzerland) with cooling water. First and foremost, the set contains a functionally-sized cooling system for the still, but there are also other accessories for cleaning and sealing. In addition, when purchasing a stainless steel still together with the accessory set the right hose fittings for our coolers are there.
The set includes a 10-liter plastic tub as a cooling water depot (the water must be replaced several times in larger distilleries), plus a 230-volt cooling water pump, plus several meters of food-grade tubing in four different sizes so you can safely connect any distillery. The hoses can be partially inserted into each other and can thus also bridge different connections and adapters. In addition, a cleaning brush, a swim thermometer, a roll of Teflon tape for sealing the still and a 100 ml graduated cylinder to the distillate safely collecting and measuring.

EUR 34,95
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Measuring flask, 1000 ml, made of laboratory glass, with plastic stopper

Measuring flask, 1000 ml, made of laboratory glass, with plastic stopper

This unused piston is made of heat-resistant laboratory glass and comes from stocks of the former GDR. It is particularly suitable for the collection of hydrolates in the distillation. It has exactly the size of the maximum removal quantity of the message-free 2-liter stills.

EUR 25,00
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Blue lavender blossoms for steam distillation - 500 g

Blue lavender blossoms for steam distillation

Lavender is a member of the mint family and is often used for perfume extraction.
You are purchasing a product that is ideally suited for the extraction of essential oils and fragrant hydrolates. The aroma-protected and light-protected packaging ensures a consistently excellent quality for a long time.

Simply fill the flowers in the plant / drug room. The flowers must not be pressed. Close your system and distil at medium to high heat setting. For drug containers height> diameter, you can set the heating level higher. Find out the ideal distillation speed for your system yourself. The lavender flowers offered here have a high oil yield.

EUR 12,99
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
2 Liter Hobby Distillery with stainless steel helmet for Essential Oil - registration free

Legal 2 liter Hobby still made of stainless steel with distilling helmet for essential oils - registration free

Construction of optimized distilleries for over 10 years
A registration-free hobby still made of stainless steel. With this beautiful distillery you can produce hydrolates, essential oils and distilled water.
In Austria or Switzerland, you can also use this still legally as a classic potstill with helmet for making a brandy. Or you can fill the helmet's aroma basket with fruits or herbs to create a delicious spirit.
Easy to use:

  • Fill approx. 1.5 liters of distilled water into the boiler,

  • fill the half-closed and raised aroma basket with fresh herbs or flowers, or with drugs and place in the cauldron,

  • Seal as described below,

  • Put on helmet 2. with distillation module 3. and tighten tension locks 1.1,

  • Screw the water hoses to the radiator, connect one end (3.4) to a submersible pump (eg aquarium pump), and the other end (3.5) into a cooling water reservoir.

  • Switch on the heat source and collect the hydrolate and oil at 3.7,

Distil for a maximum of 30 minutes over medium heat. After 15 minutes, the original should be changed for the first time, the amount of oil assessed and the ph value determined.
The distilling pot and all distillate pipes are made of stainless steel.

EUR 279,00
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Compact still for essential oils - 4.5 l plant basket
Compact distillery with large drug basket for steam distillation for the production of hydrolates and essential oils.
The large plant basket with a compact construction of 4.5 liters of plant / drug room is not only on the ground, but also perforated on the sides. As a result, steam is already injected into the drug filling over most of the filling level from the beginning, so that the essential oils can dissolve in the condensing vapor. From the inflowing steam, the dissolved oils can then be dragged along. The water / steam boiler only needs to be filled with a maximum of 2.5 liters of water, so that the working temperature is reached quickly and rapid distillation is guaranteed.
EUR 499,00
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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